Job as a tutor

инстант решение

become an online tutor and earn extra money

  • Conditions to become a tutor - To become an online tutor, you first must be at least 18 years of age. It is preferable to be a senior at college or to have completed a degree at one of the accredited Macedonian universities. Experienced professors who wish to contribute to the education of students and to make extra money, are especially welcomed. Most certainly, each case is different, and we reserve the right to discretion when choosing a tutor. It is of great importance the tutors to have knowledge and experience in the subject they are teaching, as well as love towards teaching in general. You can become a tutor for any subject in the field of education: mathematics, physics, chemistry, programming languages, foreign languages, software, etc.
  • Registration as a tutor - The first step is to sign up for a free account on our platform. Once you have completed the registration process, send us your resume and scanned copies of your diplomas and certificates in the field you wish to teach. After that, wait to be contacted by us to arrange the details surrounding the interview and the presentation of our platform. You can also choose to come personally to our office or have the interview and presentation via Skype. Our Skype username is Teachhoot. After the completed selection process, a cooperation agreement will be signed.
  • Create an attractive free account - after registering and signing the contract, your obligation is to fill out your profile with correct data regarding your biography, education, availability, and price. Present yourself in an interesting and ingenious way so you can attract more attention among students. At the same time, inform the students what you offer as a tutor. It is very important to be truthful about yourself and your skills. Avoid false and exaggerated information when creating a profile.
  • Pricing - Make the price competitive and realistic. We recommend at the beginning to work with a discount, that is, the price should be lower than the actual price at which you would normally give a private tutoring session. We recommend this, so you can increase your competitiveness on the market and promote yourself faster on our platform. You can then gradually raise the price to your real level. As a tutor, you have the discretion when forming a price. The price can also be formed in agreement with the student.
  • strong class = "">Set up a schedule - be careful when setting up your schedule. The schedule should show your real availability for online tutoring lessons. Our platform operates 24/7, except during system maintenance. Our recommendation is your availability not to cover periods that are at peak time. Being available would separate you from most tutors so you can potentially earn more.
  • Be connected to our messaging system - if you wish to get extra work solving the posted problems by students, it is recommended to be regularly connected to our messaging system, as well as to regularly check your mailbox for a new job offer. Your availability and response time are among the most important factors for earning more and creating a positive image with the students.
  • Getting started with a student - when you first get in touch with a student, it is of great importance to behave in a good manner. When communicating with a student, stick to the problem the student is facing and avoid unnecessary information. Understand the student and his/her specific needs. When you agree with a student, respect the agreement and be present at the agreed time. Your image and rating, as well as your earnings, depend on this.
  • Holding private lessons and giving solutions to posted problems - The tutoring sessions held in our virtual classroom are the primary service where you can show your professionalism and knowledge. With this, you help students and get positive feedback. Be polite, accessible and professional. The better you understand the problems that the student faces, the more accurately you can get the right approach to solving them. Plan your lessons and do not waste time. The money from the service will be registered in the finance section after a successfully delivered tutoring session or an accurate and timely delivery of a solution for a problem.
  • Rating - The most important standard for the quality of a tutor is the positive rating. How much work you get is directly linked to it. The more successful your private lessons are and the more accurate and timely solutions you give, the more rapidly your listing and visibility on our platform will increase. The special devotion you put in your work will earn you extra money.
  • Promotion - we will advertise your profile on our platform. You can also advertise yourself through self-promotion on social networks and through advertising sites. An important part of the promotion is the ability to write articles on our blog. If you regularly write blogs on our site, you will have the opportunity to acquaint your readers with the topics on which you hold private lessons, and with yourself as a tutor on our platform.