How does TeachHoot work ?!


If you want a one-time solution to your math, coding, or a programming language problem (such as C/C++, C#, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML, Android), or need help with the preparation of a chemical science thesis, simply fill out our online form where you will state the title , the detailed text description , and the category in which the problem falls into, as well as the time you want the problem to be published for and the language you want to get the answer in.

After the posting of the online form, our system will begin to automatically search the tutors who best fit your individually set parameters. If the system comes up with tutors who fit your given request, they will be delivered a job offer.

The tutors who will know the solution to your problem will send an offer in which they will state the price and the time required to solve your problem. You then have the right to choose the tutor with the best offer.

After you have chosen the tutor, he sets the time he needs to solve the task you have given.

If an agreement is reached between you and the tutor, the payment will go through our secure electronic payment center that will reserve your funds.

Promptly, you will receive an answer in the form of a document or text. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the tutor regarding the quality of the delivered solution. The tutor will not receive your money until he successfully delivers the solution.


If a one-time solution to your problem is not what you are looking for but instead you wish to get a better understanding of a certain subject, in this case you can use our second service which is scheduling a one-on-one lesson in our virtual classroom. Our platform offers a wide selection of experienced tutors in the field of mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, programming languages, English, Spanish, and many other educational fields for college students, high school students, and primary school students. Simply filter your search by price, rating, category, online status and language to find your ideal tutor.

Once you have submitted the parameters, our system will respond with a list of tutors who best fit your requirements. You have the total freedom of hiring your preferred tutor.

You can freely visit the tutor’s public profile and get more acquainted with his/her qualifications and his/her availability. The next step will be to get in contact with your chosen tutor by sending him/her a message through our platform to agree on the details surrounding the private lesson.


After you make an agreement with your tutor regarding the details of the private lesson, the next step will be to accept his/her invitation for an online session and make an electronic payment. Following the payment, your tutor will send an invitation in the form of a notification. After accepting the invitation, you will need to enter the virtual classroom in which the private lesson will be held in live with the help of a whiteboard and screen sharing technology.

The online tutoring session can last 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

After the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to start an additional session with a prior agreement between you and the tutor. Once you fully finish your online session, you will receive data about the time flow of the private lesson.

You could also rate the tutor by giving him/her a score of one to five and leaving a comment on his/her profile.

Please review the tutor, so future students can get a real picture of the quality of the lesson, as well as of the quality of the tutor himself/herself.

In this way, you will help us to better rank our tutors as well as to downgrade the ones with a bad rating. This will improve your experience and the experience of all students on our platform.