About Us

TeachHoot is an online educational platform that enables receiving and transferring of knowledge among students and tutors, inside a virtual classroom


Over the past 20 years, we are witnessing a change in the way we learn and improve with the help of the Internet, as a revolutionary tool for access to information. The boundaries that have impeded communication, work, and learning, have dropped drastically with the help of new web applications. Every day we witness the creativity of young people and their desire to change the world for the better.

We are part of those people who want to change the status quo in the accessibility of educational services in our broader environment and their greater and faster realization. As two enthusiasts, lovers of technology and learning, we believe the great importance of continuing education in our lives.

We have devoted a great part of our lives formally upgrading our knowledge and skills at the educational institutions in our country and abroad. Continuing improvement and learning still takes up an essential part of our everyday life.

We have transformed the love we have for knowledge and the need of personal improvement into the development of this platform which is a product of many years of experience, research, and hard work.

"Our goal is to modernize education and to overcome the territorial, institutional, and market obstacles that exist in the giving and receiving of knowledge in our country and in the world."

We want to create a new kind of labor market in which every professional with a passion to share knowledge can achieve this in a fast and simple manner with the help of our technology. At the same time, our students will be able to access this knowledge rapidly, easily, and in a way that best meets the needs of the individual.